Simple Tally - Version 6.3

A. K. Nadhani, K.K. Nadhani

SKU: 9788183330015

Rs. 99
The simplest book to learn tally 6.3 in quickest time This book explains the basic & essential of maintaining chart of Accounts,Vouchers,Accounts Reports,Stock items,invoicing & Invectory for a trading organization in simple steps. All advanced and complex topics are excluded to keep the book simple for starters,students and traders.Illustrated with hundreds of visuals,examples and hot tips for implementation of tally. Covers entire cycle of the maintenance of accounts,Invoicing & Inventory of systems of a trading organization. Table of contents: Chapter 1 Starting Tally Chapter 2 Company creation Chapter 3 Accounts Masters Chapter 4 Voucher entry & printing Chapter 5 Cash bank voucher Chapter 6 Journal voucher Chapter 7 Sales/Purchase voucher Chapter 8 Debit/Credit note voucher Chapter 9 Bill details Chapter 10 Accounts reports Chapter 11 Cash & Bank book Chapter 12 Ledger Chapter 13 Group Summary Chapter 14 Trial balance Chapter 15 Profit & loss account Chapter 16 Balance sheet Chapter 17 Accounts set up Chapter 18 Final steps Chapter 19 Masters entry Chapter 20 Stock groups Chapter 21 Unit of Measure Chapter 22 Stock items Chapter 23 Sales bill Chapter 24 Purchases bills Chapter 25 Sales & purchase returns Chapter 26 Bill printing Chapter 27 Duties & Taxes Chapter 28 Stock summary Chapter 29 Stock report Chapter 30 Inventory set up

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