Tally Instant Reference

A.K. Nadhani, K.K. Nadhani

SKU: 9788176566858

Rs. 60
Whether you are beginner or hard core user you will find wealth of information about hundreds of features & options to tune Tally to your requirements. Tally is a featureful package. But you will be able to take its full advantage only if you know how to get them and put in your perspective. Else you May easily turn this Enterprise solution to a mere book keeping device. You will be able to configure Tally more close to your hearts. Discover arresting facilities to embrace in your business situations and move freely through the bizarre of options you often got perplexed of. This book unfOlds the mystery of traversing Tally through its web of downwards upwards & sideways arteries to get rich & plentiful wealth of information in various blends depths & details. Tells how to mine information using Range & Values drag what you need.Explains working with Voucher Type new Voucher Classes & invoice entry using Voucher Class. This book explains naunces of Tracking Number to manage wildest nature of inventory transactions that May have been hunting you so long. You will find rich information about manufacturing processes allocation of common costs to items reports showing cost & profitability for each item Group or Location for management decisions. This book distinguishes the features of Tally 5.4 & 6.3 to make users of each version aware of what is available to them & what is not. Also differentiates between Tally Bronze Silver & Gold. Importers & Exporters will find how to tackle intricacies of Exchange GainLoss in fluctuating economy. And finally you will get info about Add-On products to accomplish tasks what you could not otherwise do with standard Tally package. Features o f the book Configure Tally as per your precise requirements Explore the intricateof path of traversing of through Tally Configure Sales Invoices and Registers Mystery of Tracking Number unfurled Configure Exporter Invoice Manage Forex Gains & Losses Extend power of Tally further Table of Contents Chapter 1: Start up Chapter 2: Configuration Chapter 3: Accounts Master Chapter 4: Accounts Voucher Chapter 5: Final Accounts Chapter 6: Account Books Chapter 7: Account Register Chapter 8 : Accounts Statements Chapter 9: Multi Account Reports Chapter 10: Accounts Documents Chapter 11: Housekeeping Part -II : Inventory Chapter 12: Inventory Master Chapter 13 : Inventory Voucher Chapter 14: Invoice Chapter 15: Challans Chapter 16: Orders Chapter 17 :Inventory Reports Chapter 18:Inventory Statement Chapter 19: Advanced Inventory Chapter 20:Foreign Currency Chapter 21: Management Accounting Chapter 22: Data Connectivity Chapter23:Internet Connectivity Chapter 24: Tally Add ∠¢≈°âˆ Ñ∠∂∠¢≈°âˆ Ñ∠ªÀ܆Äö∠¢≈°âˆ É∠∂∠¢≈°âˆ Ñ∠≤∠¢≈°âˆ É∠∂∠¢≈°âˆ É∠á∠¢≈°âˆ Ñ∠∂†àÜ∠≠À܆Äö∠¢≈°âˆ É∠∂¬¥âˆ ¢≈°âˆ Ñ∠∂†àÜ∠≠À܆Äö ∠ÜOns Appendix: Index Tally Road Map

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