Test Your VB.NET Skills - Part I - Language Elements

Yashavant Kanetkar, Asang Dani

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ISBN: 9788183331272
Authors: Yashavant Kanetkar, Asang Dani
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2006
Book Type: Paperback

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.NET Technologies have taken the programming world by storm. Its unified programming model, COM interoperability and ability to gel with existing applications have taken Desktop Computing, Web Computing and Enterprise Computing to the next step. So much development is being done in .NET that that the number of professionals required with .NET expertise far outstrips the number of “good” .NET candidates available. This book will help two categories of reader – those who wish to find out how good VB.NET programmers they are and to those who wish to find out how good are the candidates who claim to ne know VB.NET.


Chapter 1 :    .NET Framework

Chapter 2 :    Datatypes

Chapter 3 :    Control Instructions

Chapter 4 :    Operators

Chapter 5 :    Functions and Subroutines

Chapter 6 :    Classes and Objects

Chapter 7 :    Constructors

Chapter 8 :    Inheritance

Chapter 9 :    Arrays

Chapter 10 :    Strings

Chapter 11 :    Structures

Chapter 12 :    Enumerations

Chapter 13 :    Properties

Chapter 14 :    Namespaces

Chapter 15 :    Exception Handling

Chapter 16 :    Polymorphism

Chapter 17 :    Interphases

Chapter 18 :    Collection Classes

Chapter 19 :    Delegates

Chapter 20 :    Attributes  

Yashavant Kanetkar, Asang Dani

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