The 8051 Programming Interfacing Applications

Howard Boyet, Ron Katz

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ISBN: 9788183333870
Authors: Howard Boyet, Ron Katz
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2011
Pages: 396
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 2 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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81 programming, interfacing, & applications experiments with the 8051 single-chip microcomputer employs Intel's SDK-51 System Design Kit as the vehicle. The unique architecture, instruction set, & bit-byte capability of the 8051 are brought to bear in the areas of controller "bit-banging", serial I/O, timer-counter applications, & arithmetic. Chapter 1 presents the necessary 8051/SDK-51 information. Chapter 2 shows the reader, step by step, with experiments, how to use the SDK-51 with its monitor commands. Chapter 3 presents experiments involving practical & useful SDK-51 monitor subroutines as tools in applications. Chapter 4 takes the user through experiments employing the various powerful & unique 8051 instructions In Chapter 5, 17 control application experiments are presented invoicing A to D, D to A, interrupts, polling of bit addresses, and other techniques which illustrate a host of capabilities of the 8051 as a controller. The 8051's two 16-bit [or four 8-bit] timer-counters are thoroughly covered in the experiments of Chapter 6. Serial I/O with the 8051 [interprocessor communications, I/O port expansion, UART communication, bus protocol] is featured in the experiments of Chapter 7. Chapter 8 goes into arithmetic with the 8051. Adaptation of the SDK-15's auxiliary keypad to the user's needs and functions is treated in an experiment in Chapter 9. The 8051 has pioneered new ground in the 8-bit microcomputer world. This book gets you quickly into that new frontier.
Dr. Howard Boyet, President or Microprocessor Training Inc., has written six books on microprocessors and has given microprocessors seminars to over 5000 participants from all areas of technology. Dr. Boyet was a member of the Technical Staff of Bell Laboratories, Senior Project Engineer at RCA, Physicist with NASA, and Professor of Engineering at Pratt I

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