The 8085 Microprocessor Fundamentals And Applications Hands on Volume -1

Howard Boyet

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ISBN: 9788183333733
Authors: Howard Boyet
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2010
Pages: 420
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 2 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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It is the outgrowth of several years of seminars to over 3000 engineers, scientist and administrators from all walks of industry and the academic world here and abroad. The experiments have been outstandingly received by all who have performed them. In many of cases their themes were suggested by the participants themselves because of their practical relevance to their areas of interest and need. The book assumes no previous background. It masters the subject by a hands-on "do" approach involving motivation and practical interfacing experiments using all the instructions the 8085 set. This book is the ideal vehicle for learning and applying microprocessors an all areas of technology.

Chapter 1 : Fundamentals

Chapter 2 : Programmable I/Os And Decoding (Device Selecting)

Chapter 3 : Addition Of I/Os to the SDK-85

Chapter 4 : Experiments Demonstrating programming Control

Chapter 5 : Experiments Employing Keyboard Control And Parameter Passing

Chapter 6 : More Advanced Control And Applications Experiments

Chapter 7 : Experiments With Vector Interrupts

Howard boyet

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