The Art of Flash Animation Creating Cartooning

Mark Stephan Smith

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ISBN: 9788183332156
Authors: Mark Stephan Smith
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2007
Pages: 462
Dimension: 22.5 X 15 X 2 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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Part animation guide, part Flash manual, The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning provides a practical primer on classic, hand drawn 2D screen animation as well as an introduction to using Flash for creating your own cartoons. Section I discusses the terms and techniques of hand drawn animation, character design, and storyboards, while Section II covers scanning, digitizing your artwork into Flash, and setting up scenes. Learn how to:

  • Animate a walk cycle.
  • Record and edit dialogue, sound effects, and music.
  • Use recyclable symbols to make the animation process more efficient.
  • Prepare your work for video or web download

Chapter 1 : Introduction to The Art Of Flash Animation

Chapter 2 : Learning to Draw: Tools and Tips

Chapter 3 : Thumbnails Storyboards, and Layout

Chapter 4 : Soundtracks and.. What's an Animatic?

Chapter 5 : An Actor With a Pencil Um, Pixel

Chapter 6 : First Peek Inside Flash

Chapter 7 : Inking, Scanning, and Tablets

Chapter 8 : Managing Symbols and Scenes

Chapter 9 : Libraries, Scenes, and Special Effects

Chapter 10 : Preparing Your Work for Video or Web Downloads

Chapter 11 : Jobs, Colleges, and Film Festivals

Appendix A : Recommended Reading and Viewing

Appendix B : List Of Suppliers

Appendix C : Flash Professional 8 Tips, Tools, and Terms

Appendix D : About the Author



Mark Stephan Smith

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