Web Content Management With Documentum

Gaurav Kathuria

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ISBN: 9788183331296
Authors: Gaurav Kathuria
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2006
Pages: 471
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 2 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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  • What is Web Content Management and how can Documentum be used for managing web content?
  • What does it take to install and configure Documentum system?
  • How to start using Documentum and make the most out of it?
  • Are there any best practices to be kept in mind while designing and developing Documentum applications?
  • How to deploy the Documentum application to multiple environments?
  • Is there a comprehensive Documentum question and answer bank available for quick reference?

The answers to all these is This book : The first book of its kind on managing web content via Documentum product suite. Author Gaurav Kathuria has assembled scattered information from Documentum reference manuals, white papers, user guides and material available over the internet along with his rich hands-on experience in multiple projects executed on Documentum platform to give this book a form and shape. A highly informative consortium of Documentum tricks and principles, common errors and their resolutions, some suggested best practices and Documentum question bank consisting of 100+ questions and answers; this book promises to do wonders to all segments of Documentum software professionals. What makes this book distinctive is its simple ‘step by step' approach that guides Documentum users right from the scratch. Packed with plenteous figures and screen shots, this is just the right book to assist you in installation, configuration, design, development and deployment of Documentum applications for your specific web content management needs.

  1. What is content?
  2. Documentum Essentials
  3. Documentum advanced concepts
  4. Need for a Web Content Mabnagement system
  5. Setting up the Documentum suits
  6. Creating our first Docbase
  7. Setting up Publishing
  8. Setting up Documentum Application Builder
  9. Setting up Documentum Administrator and Web Publisher
  10. Designing Documentum Applications
  11. Designing/creating custom object type(s)
  12. Designing/creating Lifecycle, Alias Sets and Permission Sets
  13. Working with Web Publisher template files
  14. Creating Rules files
  15. Creating Presentation files
  16. Folder Mapping
  17. Using Instruction Files
  18. Automatic Property Extraction
  19. Working with Workflows
  20. Testing custom workflows
  21. Publishing from Docbase using SCS
  22. WEB viwing content files
  23. Using DFC
  24. Configurations and customizations using WDK
  25. Documentum deploynment
  26. Using DQL and API commands
  • Gaurav Kathuria


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