Data Science: Textbook For Class 8th (As per CBSE syllabus)

Chandrika Jaini Vedam

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ISBN: 9789355510532
eISBN: 978935510549
Authors: Chandrika Jaini Vedam
Rights: India
Publishing Date: October 2021
Pages: 112
Dimension: 8.5 x 11 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Read, Learn, Explore and Implement


  • Engaging content
  • Attractive illustrations/ diagrams, Infographics
  • Quote-Unquote: popular quotations
  • Activity: Hands-on activities
  • Summary: Points to remember
  • Glossary: Important definitions
  • Check Your Progress: elaborate exercises
  • HOTS, Applied Projects


The book titled “Data Science” for class 8 covers the prescribed syllabus brought out by CBSE. The objective of this book is to develop a readiness for understanding and appreciating Data Science and its application in our lives. It not only introduces young learners to the world of data but also explains the science behind it in an age-appropriate manner. The book encourages the student to think and learn constructively through interactive participation and engaging hands-on activities. Apart from an introduction to data science, the book also covers the relationship between data science and artificial intelligence.


  • Introduction to data, data science
  • Data types and categories
  • Techniques to handle data
  • Relationship between data science and AI 


The book is meant for all those students who are in Grade-VIII and Beginner learners of Data Science. After going through this book, students will find the book easy and interesting as the entire content of the book ensures better readiness for the students to receive the learning being presented. Each chapter has been designed to create a deep and lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

  1. Introduction to Data
  2. Introduction to Data Science
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Data Science and AI

Chandrika Jaini Vedam is a writerpreneur and an ex-lecturer with more than two decades of involvement in the education industry. She has extensive experience in designing curricula and authoring books. She currently leads teams to develop content for educational AR/VR experiences, school textbooks and general books for children. She is an avid reader and an enthusiast of emerging technologies. Strong ethics and keeping creative abilities flowing are her mantra for developing good content. Globetrotting and gardening are her hobbies when she wants to break free from work. She is based out of the silicon-garden city of Bengaluru.

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