iOS Developer Solutions Guide

Narendar Singh Saini

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Authors: Narendar Singh Saini
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Publishing Date: 31st Jan 2023
Pages: 298
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Book Type: Paperback

Get solutions to the most common problems faced by developers in iOS app development


  • Understand how to select the right application architecture for your iOS app.
  • Learn how to modularize your iOS application from scratch.
  • Automate small, complex and repetitive development tasks in iOS.


Facing roadblocks while developing an iOS app? There are many challenges that every iOS developer faces during the app development phase. While these challenges can be difficult to overcome, here’s a one stop solution guide for all your problems. 

“iOS Developer Solutions Guide” will help you with the tips to circumvent all the challenges to prevent your app from getting off track. The book will help you to get familiar with the complex and advanced parts of the Swift programming language. You will understand why test driven development is so advantageous. You will then learn to build an iOS framework, which will let you modularize your code. Lastly, you will see how tasks can be automated by writing scripts which will save a lot of your time. 

By the end of the book, you will be able to build high-quality iOS apps with ease.


  • Develop a test driven development mindset to write maintainable and sustainable apps.
  • Understand the importance of design patterns and design principles.
  • Build an interface with XIB, Storyboard, Dynamic Code or via SwiftUI.
  • Create, build and link a framework into an iOS project.
  • Learn how to implement server-driven UI.


App developers who are looking for solution of problems they face while developing iOS applications, will find this book useful.

  1. Roadblocks in Developing iOS Applications
  2. Advanced Architectural Topics
  3. Swift Programming Language
  4. Which Pattern is Better MVC or MVVM Part I
  5. Which Pattern is Better MVC or MVVM Part II
  6. Test Driven Development
  7. XIB/Storyboard/Code/SwiftUI
  8. Creating Frameworks
  9. Terminal and Scripts
  10. Backend Driven UI

With 11+ years of iOS development experience, Narendar Singh Saini has all the skills for bringing app prototypes into the monetization stage by publishing stable apps in a faster way. He wrote his first computer program in 2000. In those days, he was very excited about understanding how computer software were being written, rather than using that software. From 2000 to 2005, he spent a lot of his time during college days, on programming. He has been working professionally since 2006. He started iOS development in mid 2010 and is still actively working as a Lead iOS Developer. He developed many successful apps for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Apple Watches.

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