Murachs Visual Basic 6

Ed Koop, Anne Prince, Joel Murach

SKU: 9788176561396

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ISBN: 9788176561396
Authors: Ed Koop, Anne Prince, Joel Murach
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: December 2002
Dimension: 20 x 14 x 4 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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"If you want to learn VB, then this is the book for you. It starts at a beginner level and works its way up in easy-to-follow steps, and with such a broad range of content, I guarantee it will earn a permanent place on your desk instead of your bookshelf.... This book is the most practical guide to Visual Basic programming that has ever crossed my desk. It focuses on database programming and gives you all the information you need to create applications using ADO. Virtually every aspect of database programming is taken into consideration, including all the new VB6 features such as the Database Environment Designer and the Data Report Designer.... If you're looking for a book that can teach you database programming in Visual Basic or even if you currently program in VB5 and want to update your skills to VB6, then this is the book I would recommend." Table of Contents SECTION 1 THE BASICS OF VISUAL BASIC PROGRAMMINGChapter 1 Introduction to Visual Basic programming Chapter 2 Visual Basic coding essentials Chapter 3 How to work with forms and controls Chapter 4 How to test and debug an application SECTION 2 THE ESSENTIALS OF DATABASE PROGRAMMING Chapter 5 Introduction to database applications Chapter 6 Introduction to database programming Chapter 7 How to build bound forms with ADO Chapter 8 How to build unbound forms with ADO Chapter 9 How to use the Data Environment Designer to build forms Chapter 10 How to use the Data Report Designer to develop reports Chapter 11 How to use the Data View window to work with databases SECTION 3 OTHER DEVELOPMENT SKILLS Chapter 12 How to enhance the user interface Chapter 13 How to use class modules and ActiveX components Chapter 14 How to develop an application for the Internet Chapter 15 How to distribute an application APPENDICESAppendix A How to download or create the Access databases Appendix B The specifications for the SQL Server databases Appendix C Special considerations for users of the Learning Edition

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