Object Oriented Programming with Angular

Balram Morsing Chavan

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Authors: Balram Morsing Chavan
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Publishing Date: September 2020
Pages: 382
Book Type: Paperback

Angular is a Single Page Application (SPA) development framework open-sourced by Google. The Angular framework is written in TypeScript language, which enables a web developer to write JavaScript code in Object-Oriented fashion. TypeScript makes it easier to build a client-side web application with classes, interfaces, generics, inheritance, and other Object-Oriented features. TypeScript compiler takes care of transpiling these features into native JavaScript. Angular is a framework that comes with Dependency Injection, HTTP communication, Forms, and other features out of the box. 

This book will leverage on your prior programming knowledge to learn Angular. Microsoft .Net stack, C#, Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET have been widely used for developing desktop and web applications. We shall be referring to concepts from these technologies with Angular whenever applicable; thus having prior experience would be a great advantage. This book takes you from the basics of TypeScript language to building modular and robust enterprise web applications and deployment.


Learn advanced techniques and best practices of Angular programming for building enterprise web applications

Key Features

  • Get familiar with the core concepts of Angular.
  • Discover best practices, tips, and tricks while working with Angular.
  • Learn how to architect data driven web applications.
  • Explore methods to pass data between components in Angular.
  • Learn how to deploy and secure your Angular application.

 What Will You Learn

  • Learn how to orchestrate complex Angular applications.
  • Get to know more about Dependency Injection in depth.
  • Learn how to build template and dynamic forms in Angular.
  • Learn how to use Angular routes in an application.
  • Learn how to communicate with backend services using HTTP.

Who This Book is For

This book is for readers who want to learn Angular. Having a basic Object-Oriented programming knowledge, programming experience with C#.Net/Java, and hands-on web development experience would be an added advantage.

  1. Typescript – the underdog
  2. Hello, Angular!
  3. Building small and simple
  4. Data Binding and Pipes
  5. NgModule - in depth
  6. Dependency Injection and Services
  7. Building forms
  8. Communication within Components
  9. Consuming HTTP Resources
  10. Routing Angular application
  11. Deployment and tools

Balram Morsing Chavan is a software professional having 11+ years of relevant experience working in cross domains. He has been awarded with GitHub Developer Program Membership for his contribution to open source world. He also contributes to multiple technology blogs and forums. Balram has also published many npm.js packages for Angular framework.

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