Selenium with C#

Pallavi Sharma

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Authors: Pallavi Sharma
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Publishing Date: 4th May 2023
Pages: 308
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Selenium, a web browser automation tool that has been around for a long time, is extensively utilized by developers and testers to generate automated tests for verifying the proper functioning of web applications. When combined with C#, Selenium can produce automated tests that are both robust and efficient.

This book is a comprehensive guide to learning Selenium, one of the most popular web automation tools in the industry. It starts with an introduction to Selenium and its three projects - Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. It then provides a comprehensive overview of the various entities in the Selenium C# client libraries, such as the WebDriver, WebElement, and By classes. The subsequent sections of the book elucidate how to handle different HTML elements, including forms, tables, dropdowns, windows, alerts, and frames. The book also explores the Option class, which is utilized for managing web browsers. In addition, the book emphasizes the significance of unit testing in test automation and explains how to implement the NUnit framework. To manage object information, the book delves into the Page Object model design pattern. Lastly, the book will help you set up and execute tests in parallel across various environments using Selenium Grid.

By the end, you will be able to create automated tests for web applications with ease.


  • Explore different ways to handle web elements using Selenium and C#.
  • Learn how to manage data using popular file types such as Excel and CSV.
  • Learn how to integrate NUnit with Selenium to create a powerful testing framework.


  • Perform Cross-browser testing using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Implement Synchronization using Implicit and Explicit wait.
  • Learn how to handle the Action class in Selenium.
  • Learn how to implement the Page Object Model using PageFactory.
  • Setup and use Selenium Grid to execute tests in parallel.


This book is for Test automation engineers, software testers, and software developers who are interested in learning about test automation using Selenium and C#.

  1. Introduction to the Selenium Project
  2. Web Applications Used in the Book
  3. Browser Automation and More Using WebDriver
  4. Handling Web Elements
  5. Locate HTML Elements Using the By Class
  6. Synchronization with Selenium
  7. Working with HTML Elements - Part 1
  8. Working with HTML Elements - Part 2
  9. Working with HTML Elements - Part 3
  10. Actions, Options, and Capturing Screenshots
  11. Unit Testing with NUnit
  12. Learn How to Manage Objects Using a Page Object Model
  13. Handling Test Data
  14. Selenium Grid

Pallavi has an experience of 15 years in Software Testing industry. She is a multi skilled professional who dons many hats from an IC to Project Manager to now a Founder at 5 Elements Learning. She also coaches people on open source test automation, and has taught more than 5000 people across globe. She is an instructor at Udemy, with more than 21K followers.

She is an active participant as a reviewer, and organizer for various international conferences like Selenium Official Conference Chicago, India, Agile Alliance, Scotland, Global Testing Retreat by Agile Testing Alliance, Selenium Summit, APISummit, Delhi Software Testing Conference, she keeps herself abreast with the latest developments in the software testing field. She also holds various global certifications in the field of automation.

She is a published author with BPB Publications and Lean Pub. She is an avid reader, writer and enjoys travelling. She also supports various NGOs and believes in the larger good.

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