Vue.js for Jobseekers

Clive Harber

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Authors: Clive Harber
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Publishing Date: 11th Sep 2023
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Vue.js is a rapidly growing frontend framework with a large and active community. It is a great choice for developers who are looking for a modern, lightweight, and versatile framework to build web applications.

This book teaches you how to design and build client-side applications using Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework. It starts with a solid foundation in the Vue framework, its core principles, and HTML and CSS. Then, it covers the latest Vue.js ecosystem, including Vue CLI, Pinia, Vue Router, and Composition API. Next, it shows you how to use server-side rendering with Nuxt.js, how to build a web interface, how to test your code, and how to integrate your application with a back end. Finally, it teaches you how to write good quality, maintainable code that adheres to industry standards and best practices.

By the end of this book, you will be a skilled Vue.js developer with the confidence to build high-quality, maintainable applications that meet the needs of your users.


  • Build fast, interactive, and user-friendly web applications with Vue.js.
  • Use Vue.js to build applications that can be deployed to multiple platforms, such as the web, mobile, and desktop.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge you need to start a career in Vue.js application development.


  • Get familiar with the different responsibilities of front-end developers, such as designing user interfaces, developing user interactions, and testing front-end applications.
  • Learn how to use Vue.js to build applications for different purposes and in different environments.
  • Explore the latest tools in the Vue.js ecosystem, such as Pinia, VueRouter, Quasar, and Nuxt.js.
  • Integrate Vue.js with different API types, CSS frameworks, and data models.
  • Learn how to answer common Vue.js interview questions and ace your next job interview.


This book is a great resource for graduates, aspiring or junior front-end developers, and back-end developers who want to learn how to build component-based web applications with Vue.js. Readers will need to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get started.

  1. Introducing Front-End Development with Vue.js
  2. Working in Vue.js Roles
  3. HTML, CSS, and JS/TS for Extra Credit
  4. Understanding the Vue.js Instance
  5. Designing Component-Based UIs and Single Page Applications
  6. Using the Composition API to Manage Component Logic
  7. Creating and Setting Up a Vue.js Application with Vue CLI and Vite
  8. Adding a CSS Framework to the Mix – TailwindCSS, Bootstrap or Foundation
  9. Building User Interfaces with Components
  10. Routing Between Pages with VueRouter
  11. Interacting with the UI Using Events
  12. Building Forms and Handling User Input
  13. Managing State with Pinia and API Communication
  14. Testing Vue.js Applications
  15. Server-Side Rendering with Nuxt.js
  16. Building Multi-tenanted Apps With Quasar
  17. Interview Questions

Clive Harber has been programming computers since he was 13. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wales, Swansea and diplomas in Marine Biology and Art History. Having written code in a number of programming languages and different paradigms over the years for the sports and betting industries, telecommunications, health care, retail and entertainment sectors, he’s now at a point where he feels he can be useful to the programming community as a whole.

Clive has previously co-written two other books – Getting MEAN with MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node 2nd ed and Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS 2nd ed and has been a reviewer and technical reviewer on more than 10 other widely available books on a variety of technical subjects (Frontend frameworks – Vue.js/React/Web Components, testing, Elixir, UI/UX, Microservices, desktop applications). He has been using Vue.js for several years on multiple projects.

Currently, Clive runs his own consultancy providing expertise in building web and mobile applications using Node, Vue.js, Quasar, NativeScript, Elm, Elixir and PhoenixFramework.

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